Share Your Scars! with Vicki

Weekly Radio Talk Show...all about self-inflicted violence

Listen Now to episodes from Season 2: October, 2014 to Present

'Don't Judge' is where Vicki talks about judging less; maybe you've made a judgment about another person or you've been judged, holding onto it will create bitterness, have a negative affect on you and your relationships.
"Broken Pieces" covers emotional brokenness, feeling broken-hearted, worthlessness, as well sharing personal experience. This is by far one of Vicki's favorite episodes and hope you listen.
'Shake It Off' I talk about the small things that creep in that we have a hard time brushing off and how they become big things if we don't shake it off!

"Actions vs. Words" is about the importance of backing up what we say with what we do, and I share 3 emails and answer them on the show. This is another eye opener!

"Addiction OR Disease" which will explore physical disease, mental illness, addictions, and self-inflicted violence that can consume us, as well as what is and isn't a disease.

"SECRETS" is about all different secrets we keep, some 
reason why, fears to share, and how to overcome shame 
of some secrets that we hold onto!

In this episode, Vicki talks about the labels and stereotypes we use to define others and ourselves...sometimes incorrectly; labels are for clothes, jars, and cans...not people. 

Have you ever been asked "How Are You?" and the person keeps on walking by as if they didn't mutter a word and you are left wondering? This is an episode about validating a person, feeling like you matter/don't matter, so be sure to listen to this one. 

"Social Media" explores how social networking sites have positive intentions but affect us negatively, ultimately kicking up the desire to act out in a self destructive way.

In "Hidden Pain",  Vicki takes a look at how people are seemingly happy but keep their pain hidden deep behind the smile. 

Be sure to listen to "Press Pause" which is about the importance of pausing when having conversations, in relationships, and when you get the thought to self harm; press pause before you act out.

"If Scars Could Speak", Vicki explores the physical, emotional and mental scars that affect people, as well as focus on the scars a person can’t see, which might just be the toughest to heal.

"Sarcasm...The Cowardly Way", Vicki talks about the hidden meaning of sarcasm, the affects it can have on people, and why you want to rid yourself of it.

In this episode, Vicki talks about beating sadness, seasonal depression, letting go of disappointments, and coming out of a bad mood. I enjoyed talking about duldrums and how to get out of them, and many little nuggets in this one.

"Got Relationships", is where I talk about how relationships affect us; romantic, friendship, family, social, and business.  

An episode perfect for Mother's Day that is called "Mom Love" has a song by Celine Dion, I share lots of things about having a mom and being a mom, and closes with a funny mom anthem.

 "Confusing Chaos" is where I talk about how to simplify your life and remove yourself from disorder and confusion.

"Going Blank" is about what happens when you go blank, about ways of blocking out emotions, escaping responsibility, shutting down and ultimately not feeling.

You may have been a victim in the past, but that doesn't mean that you have to remain a victim; what happened last month, last year or years ago doesn't have to determine your destiny. Be sure to tune in to "Victim No More" which you'll hear a letter by a woman in process of ridding the 'victim mentality'.

Have you have heard the expression, “I’m at a standstill?” Well, a 'standstill' is a situation or condition in which there is no movement or activity at all. Then you have 'stand still' as in 'being still' which is going without movement/action. There is no time for stillness...but we need it and "Stand Still" will explore this and more!

"Nobody's Perfect" is pretty much like its title but so much more. For some people striving to be perfect is their stumbling block because they are trying to achieve the impossible. Sometimes people say that 'nobody is perfect' as a defensive statement for why they do what they do, or a reason to escape responsibility. What about being perfectly imperfect...created just the way you are!

"Let's Talk Taboo" which is about heated discussions and discussing controversial issues and the difficult topics that are swept under the rug or can be the elephant in the room. Different show that will also help you have better conversations and not shut down.


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