Share Your Scars! with Vicki

Weekly Radio Talk Show...all about self-inflicted violence

Past Shows...Listen Now to any episode from Season 1: September 2013 to September 2014. Click here to listen to episodes from Season 2.

The debut show opens up with "What it Means to Me", a journal entry written by a former self-injurer who was in the midst of self-inflicted violence at that time.
This topic is an excellent show that explores
self esteem issues behind self injury.

Episode #3: Self-Injury & Suicide: The Distorted and Twisted Love Affair"  In this controversial episode, Vicki talks about links between self-harm and suicide and debunks myths that everyone who self-injures is attempting to kill themselves.

Episode #4: Self-Injury Questions & Answers In this episode, Vicki answers all types of questions about self-injury. If you want to learn more about this topic, this episode is for you.

Episode #5: "My Story" No More Pain!"  Vicki shares her amazing - and true - story and talked about her battles and recovery from self harm.

Episode #6: "Scar Stories & Struggles" Vicki has a candid conversation with 7 individuals who struggle with self-injury.,

Episode #7: "Hold Onto Hope" 

As long as a person has breath, there is hope!

Episode #8: "The 'F' Word"

Vicki will talk about forgiveness and why it's so important for everyone in recovery.

Episode #9: "Got Hate...Need Love" 

In this episode, Vicki explores self-hatred and self-focused negativity.

Episode #11: Nakedity...Getting Naked Emotionally

This episode covers how challenging it can be to show emotions and "easier" to act out and express those emotions by harming.

Episode 12: Blame & Complain = No Change"

This episode focuses on how blaming others and complaining keep us in the same place. 

Episode 13: What's New?

This episode explores the process of change and bringing new things into our lives.

Episode 14: Why Do You Do It?

Host, Vicki explores reasons behind self-injury. 

Episode#15: “Triggerosity" 

"Triggerosity" is all about knowing your triggers; it is important to know what triggers us and what we can do about it!

Episode # 17: "Agree to Disagree" There are times we may not see eye to eye with someone, and it is okay to agreee to disagree and move forward.

Episode # 19: "Facing Fears...Doing It Afraid" We can fear just about anything:...some things keep us from enjoying life.. 

Episode 21: "Scar Stories & Struggles"

Vicki talks with people currently struggling to overcome. 

Episode #23: "Putting Words In MotionThis episode covers how we can get our thoughts spoken and ultimately act on it.

"What Do You Want?" 

What we can do to get what you want in your life: whatever you want, let's talk about what you are doing to get it.

'Fighting Pain' all about the hows and whys we did/do cause self-inflicted pain and injuries.

Episode # 29: "Moving Forward....Looking Back"  is about how we can/can't move forward if/when we keep looking back, also including what life is like in the 'recovery process'.

Episode 31# "Addiction Jumping": this show is focused on what they are and getting out of the cycle of jumping.

Episode #33: "Why That?" answers the burning question of 'why would you self-injure, why did you do that'?

"Judgmental-ism-ness" shares about how judging affects us, reacting to judgmental comments, and how it shapes affect urges to self-injure. This episode can apply to all walks of life!

How your thoughts can bully your, if you allow them.

Don't allow the thoughts that enter you mind bully you!


Episode #16: "No Excuses"

You can have results in your life or you can have your excuses, you cannot have both.

Episode # 18: Ups & Downs" This episode covers various ups and downs we go

through in life and how we react to them.

Episode # 20: "Sayings & Phrases" Vicki talks about "Sayings & Phrases" that can  help & harm recovery from self-injury. 

Episode 22:  Hodge Podge

This episdoe is about several different topics.

"What's Behind The Scar?" 

This episode explores what is behind the scars, 

what thoughts go into making them.

"The 'Why' Question"Vicki explores how asking "WHY?" in certain circumstances can actually trip you up.

Episode #30: "Where's Your ID?" 

It is about our who/where our identity is with, who 

we are, and what defines us.

Episode #32: Do It Afraid is about facing the things that scare us and how it holds us back. Be sure to tune in!

Episode #34: "Path To Happy" is about making choices, ultimately choosing to be happy or not.

Episode #36 is all about exposing the selfishness and time consumption behind self-inflicted violence as well as shattering the perceived glamorization from those involved in it.

You have a story to tell and although your story may not be finished, it could inspire another and there may be a time your scars will provoke dialogue, don’t fear it, embrace it!.

Be sure to listen to this power-packed meaningful episode that is all about how we distort what isn't good and how we view something good as something horrible.


I you missed "The Fate Of Self-Hate", go to the link and listen.

Vicki explores “Would’ve, Should’ve, Could’ve”…not just in relation to self-injury but other addictive coping behaviors. Tune in for yet another thought-provoking episode!

"One Night Stand", explores the affects, emotions, and negative feelings that come out of emotionless casual sex. 

You are designed to love and be loved! Tune in for "What Is Love?" which takes a 

different spin on something we all seem to indirectly search for and and times clueless what it really is.